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Here are our most frequently asked questions...

Because of the scale and complexity of our student database we sometimes have difficulty determining whether your email address is registered with us or not. If you are a student at ###University and your address is appearing as that of a guests please contact us immediately so that we can get it rectified for you. If you are not a student but you'd like to create an account to order tickets / buy items from our shop etc and your address is being recognised as that of a students then please contact us so that we can remove it from our database. For any other issues email us:

To re-set your password, make sure you are signed in, then visit ‘your account/profile’ and select ‘change password’ from the list of options that will be displayed on the left hand-side of the page. You will then be presented with 2 boxes where you will be asked to enter your existing password and your new password choice.

Please make sure you are signing into your account via the sign in box in the top right hand corner of the Students’ Union webpage. You will then be requested to provide your username and password to enter the site, if you have forgotten your password, a link is provided for you to set a new password by confirming your e-mail address.If you are still experiencing difficulty in signing into your account, please contact xxx.

If you have a general question about the site, please contact xxx.

If you still require help please contact: